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Kampala Undertakes a Pavement Management Project for its 1700 km Road Network

Matt Ball on October 3, 2014 - in Analysis, Corporate, Maintenance, Roads, Transportation

Fugro is leading a highways team on a pioneering project to build a pavement and asset management system for the road network of Kampala, Uganda as part of the Ugandan Government’s ongoing drive to improve infrastructure.

Fugro is working with international asset management specialists from TRL and local Ugandan mapping and GIS specialist Aerophoto Systems Engineering on behalf of the client, Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA). Surveys to map and geo-reference the 1700 km road and surface drainage networks, to build a record of highway inventory and to report pavement condition and traffic data are included under a Contract of Roads Infrastructure Inventory & Condition Assessment that spans 14 months. The GIS referenced data collection programme includes an airborne LiDAR and photography survey, and a truck-mounted road condition and asset inventory survey using Fugro’s ARAN 7000 profiler system and high definition cameras.

Data will be used to populate a fully featured asset management system based on TRL’s acclaimed iROADS software, which includes predictive maintenance, deterioration modelling and financial forecasting functions. The project team will also work with KCCA to compile manuals of network development, road performance indicators and survey procedures to unify standards and evaluative methods for Kampala’s roads.

The project forms a key element of the strategy of enhancing and developing local capacity and professionalism in line with the Ugandan Government’s construction policy. The pavement management system will provide a vital tool to help highway managers to target and prioritise maintenance work, while raising overall engineering performance in key areas such as road condition and traffic flow. The specialised software and data will deliver robust evidence to support KCCA funding bids to government and external investors.

This project involves a unique combination of technologies and expertise that will provide KCCA with the tools to more effectively manage their highways and drainage networks, as KCCA director Andrew Kitaka explains: “The outputs of this project will provide a database for asset managers to plan interventions, programme maintenance and for continuous structured monitoring of the city road network using highly reliable data.”

Fugro creates value by acquiring and interpreting Earth and engineering data and by supporting its clients with the design, construction, installation, repair and maintenance of their infrastructure. Fugro works predominantly in energy and infrastructure markets offshore and onshore, employing approximately 12,500 employees in over 60 countries. In 2013 Fugro’s revenues amounted to € 2.4 billion; it is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and is included in the AEX-Index.

TRL, the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory, is an internationally recognised centre of excellence providing world-class research, consultancy and product testing covering all aspects of transport. TRL works at the leading edge of transport, generating and applying science, knowledge and understanding to develop innovative solutions and software that is delivered to customers around the world.

Aerophoto Systems Engineering Company is a specialist in the field of geospatial data acquisition, aerial photography, LiDAR surveys and mapping for infrastructure development and maintenance using state-of-the-art technology. Aerophoto is developing a one-stop computer centre to train young professionals in data processing and interpretation.

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