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The Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) Chooses a Mobile Mapping System

Matt Ball on September 16, 2014 - in Corporate, Roads, Sensors, Transportation

The Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC) is a research institute that has built a solid reputation over fifty years of existence. Its research is focused on the areas of road design, construction, maintenance, safety and mobility. Over the years, the BRRC has been developing an extensive package of services and tools to assist and advise road network players.

The BRRC has recently been convinced by imajbox, imajing mobile mapping system, to perform road network condition assessment and monitoring and keep memory of field status. Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, imajbox can be installed on various vehicles in order to record field data which will be valuable for results interpretation and validation.

In addition to the archiving objectives, the BRRC and DrivenBy – specialized in geo-data acquisition – have jointly validated a visual inspection method based on imajbox surveys.

imajing s.a.s, is a leading provider of portable mobile mapping technologies with in-house positioning, navigation and imagery technologies enabling simple, efficient and cost effective large scale data collection on transportation networks. imajing technologies ensure up-to-date field information collection to give life to GIS

To learn more about imajing : http://www.imajing.eu

The BRRC is a research institute wich conducts research in road construction, maintenance, safety, mobiliy and environment for road construction companies and infrastructures managers. Also, the BRRC gives assistance to companies, national, regional and local administrations, products suppliers, control institutes, certification and standards institutes, test and control laboratories.

To learn more about the BRRC : http://www.brrc.be/

DrivenBy is a geo-data acquisition service company based on modern and light technologies and exlusive Belgian reseller of imajing products. With its partners, DrivenBy brings a complete solution to its clients for GIS purpose, through surveys, advise and methods.
To learn more about DrivenBy : http://www.drivenby.be/en/

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