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Comporium Selects Ubisense Enterprise Location Intelligence Solutions

Matt Ball on September 15, 2014 - in Analysis, Corporate, Maintenance

Ubisense announced today that Comporium, a communication services provider headquartered in South Carolina, has selected Ubisense myWorld and the Ubisense Network Operations Portal, and will implement these location intelligence solutions in the Comporium network in the coming months. Ubisense’s geospatial technology will enable Comporium to streamline engineering, proactively address network issues, enhance customer service and achieve greater operational efficiencies.

“Providing our customers with the highest quality communications services is at the core of our value system – it’s why we exist,” said Matthew Dosch, executive vice president of customer operations and external affairs, Comporium. “Deploying Ubisense enterprise location intelligence software within our network gives us an eagle eye view of our operations which allows us to work smarter and respond faster so that our customers receive optimal service and support.”

Ubisense myWorld gives Comporium a dashboard view of its entire network service area in an intuitive and easy-to-use map application that integrates enterprise data and Google Maps with dynamic network and field information overlays. Ubisense myWorld brings critical enterprise information together into a single application with integrated engineering and operational views that enhance situational awareness and help businesses like Comporium work more effectively.

Additionally, Comporium will employ the Ubisense Network Operations Portal to centralize network monitoring. The Network Operations Portal provides the ability to visualize a complete picture of what is happening on the network within an intuitive web map display. This will give Comporium the ability to respond to outages faster and in a more coordinated manner. The Ubisense Network Operations Portal will enable Comporium to prioritize issues, identify performance trends, predict potential issues and gain a greater level of business intelligence for advanced decision support.

“Ubisense myWorld and the Network Operations Portal will enable Comporium to transform its enterprise data into intelligent, useful information that allows the company to work a lot more effectively and proactively,” said Scott Casey, vice president of telecom solutions, Ubisense. “By making important information easily available to staff across planning, engineering and operations using Ubisense technology, Comporium will be better able to respond to service opportunities and address network issues before they become customer problems. This translates into optimal customer service that will fuel Comporium’s growth and longevity.”

For more information about Ubisense myWorld and the Ubisense Network Operations Portal, visit myworld.ubisense.net.

About Comporium

Comporium, Inc., headquartered in Rock Hill, S.C., is a diversified privately held communications company providing voice, video, data, wireless, security and advertising services. Comporium’s ventures include companies providing fiber transport and business solutions, data storage and managed services, smart devices and connected home/car services, and digital signage. For more information, please visit www.comporium.com.

About Ubisense

Ubisense is a market leader in location intelligence solutions that enable companies to optimize their business processes. By keeping track of key assets, Ubisense solutions bring clarity to complex operations while also improving quality and reliability. Ubisense is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with offices in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Singapore. For more information visit http://www.ubisense.net

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