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Cadmap Group Opens Underground Utility Surveying Company for Tracing Underground Cables

Matt Ball on September 11, 2014 - in Construction, Corporate, Electric Grid, Energy

Many do not understand the importance of an underground utility surveying company. Before any form of excavation work starts, it is important that the position of the pipes and underground services are located. A disaster could take place if the work is started before the underground utilities are located. This job shouldn’t be done by the average individual or company – it should be done by a legit company, such as Cadmap Underground Utility Surveyors Ltd.

Cadmap Group has recently announced the opening of their underground utility surveying company. They specialize in tracing underground cables and pipes by doing professional underground surveys.

Here’s a rundown of the services they are currently offering.

CCTV Drainage Surveys in London

In order to trace and examine the condition of underground pipes, Cadmap utilizes the latest in CCTV Drainage Condition survey equipment. These surveys are conducted using the MiniCam Solo Pro 60 Meter Drain Camera and Wincam V8. The MiniCam has a “sonde” that is built in. This helps determine the exact direction of the underground pipes.

Topographical Land Surveys in London

The measurement and mapping of land is important to building development companies. Cadmap Underground Utility Surveyors Ltd is fully capable of producing accurate site surveys of the land. They have worked with planners, designers, architects and developers throughout London. The land surveyors are fully trained.

Utility Mapping in London

Cadmap uses the IDS Detector Duo in order to locate buried utilities. It is important that this is done before starting any form of drilling or dig operations. The detector will help prevent damage to pipes and cables. The Detector Duo has been labelled the best in the field as it is the only GPR that uses 2 different antennas.

Individuals or companies who are interested in utilizing any of these services are encouraged to contact Cadmap to get a quote.

About Cadmap Underground Utility Surveyors Ltd.
Cadmap Group is based in the United Kingdom. They specialize in utility mapping, topographical land surveys and CCTV drainage surveys.

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