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Chinese Tianjin Eco-City Takes Shape

Matt Ball on June 18, 2012 - in Smart Cities

Tianjin Eco-City is being touted as a model for sustainable living in this rapidly urbanizing and heavily polluted country, whose congested, smog-choked cities are becoming increasingly unlivable. Many of its features – including well-insulated housing, waste recycling systems and solar-powered water heaters – are common in other countries, but remain rare in China, where sustainability has lost out in the rush to develop.

Around 60% of household waste will be recycled and much of the city’s electricity will come from renewable energy sources including wind, solar and geothermal power, while the transport system will rely on hybrid vehicles.

Construction work on Tianjin Eco-City, about 150 kilometres east of Beijing, began in 2008 and although it will not be completed until 2020, about 60 families have moved in this year.

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