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CW Solutions Announces Upgraded, Improved, More Powerful GIS Capabilities

Matt Ball on September 8, 2014 - in Corporate, Land Development, Planning

CW Solutions, a national real estate services firm specializing in right-of-way, title research, and site acquisition, announced an upgrade to the company’s in-house geographic information systems technologies. The newly enhanced systems will allow the company to conduct more efficient, cost-effective work on behalf of clients and may also be leveraged directly on a contract basis by those with particular needs. CW Solutions is one of the Right of Way Services New Jersey businesses rely on most frequently and successfully, with a twelve-year record of completing a wide variety of projects on behalf of clients in the wireless, oil and gas, power, and other industries.

“At CW Solutions, we are never content to stand still,” CW Solutions co-founder and president Stacie Curtis stated, “and our new investments into improved GIS technology will ensure that we remain at the forefront of our field.” A product of the digital age, geographic information systems, or GIS, bring together a variety of data-laden sources in the context of maps of areas under study. Skilled GIS operators can quickly create views that convey property boundaries, existing rights of way, utility installations, and other important features. These reports are of great use to a wide variety of clients in the real estate industry, including those needing the kind of Site Acquisition Services New Jersey regulations can otherwise make so elusive. In fact, a cornerstone of CW Solutions’ success has been the eagerness with which the company has embraced the potential of the technology.

The recent upgrades to the company’s GIS capabilities will allow it to provide richer, more informative reports and map updates at an even greater pace than before. These benefits will be seen both in the effectiveness of the company’s work on right-of-way, site acquisition, and other projects for clients, as well as in the quality of the services it is able to deliver to those who engage it specifically for GIS work. Since bringing on full-time GIS manager Steven Rainey earlier in the year, in fact, CW Solutions has demonstrated a renewed and elevated commitment to the technology, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by clients and others in the industry.

CW Solutions is a certified Woman-Owned Enterprise, the product of a joint project by Curtis and real estate attorney Robert Weible begun in 2002. The company participates actively in a variety of industry groups, with an especially notable degree of focus on those that most contribute to the successes of clients in the wireless industry. The newly upgraded GIS features are available from this moment on for all of the company’s clients, along with a wide variety of other offerings, including the kind of Title Research Services New Jersey businesses and individuals seek out with great regularity.

About CW Solutions:
Founded in 2002, CW Solutions provides a wide range of real estate services, including site and right of way acquisition. The company focuses on serving clients in the wireless, utility, and energy industries, and is an active participant in a range of industry trade groups.

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