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The Internet of Things is Setting Up a Culture Clash

Matt Ball on September 8, 2014 - in Sensors

This idea that as we connect devices and sensors, they will combine into some super-intelligent whole that can help save electric costs, make manufacturing more efficient, and even predict our traffic is the underlying promise that many people are hoping for. But, there is a looming culture clash between old-line physical goods and those manufactured by startups.

In old-line businesses, there is an abundance of caution, not just driven by a lack of digital expertise, but by the concern about how this shift will impact their business. Questions I hear discussed range from, how long can I warranty a Wi-Fi module, to how can I support a cloud service for a decade. Others revolve around privacy and making sure data isn’t inadvertently leaked, because unlike Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of GE or GM can’t just post an apology in a blog and expect any perceived or actual lapses to go away.

There will be consumer outrage, possibly Congressional meetings and likely a visit from a federal agency to contend with, because what people accept on the internet is very different from what they will accept in their homes or businesses.

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