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1Spatial Joins The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) – Promoting The Development of Smart Water Technologies

Matt Ball on September 4, 2014 - in Analysis, Corporate, Water

1Spatial plc, the spatial big data company, has announced that it has joined The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN), which promotes the use of data-driven technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.

Accurate Geospatial data is critical to water utilities globally. Real-time telemetry and instrumentation data add another dimension to the way networks are operated and managed. Making sense and deriving value from all these data sources is key to extending the life and reliability of assets and ultimately offering better service to customers. 1Spatial has a long history of working with water companies such as United Utilities plc and Northumbrian Water helping these and other companies across the world to map and manage their networks of tens of millions of features.

Marcus Hanke, Chief Executive of 1Spatial commented:  “1Spatial is a world leader in spatial big data and has over 45 years’ experience in helping utility organisations use innovative technology to solve their challenges.  Joining SWAN enables us to collaborate with other world experts who are interested in ‘smart solutions’ to take the water industry forward in the digital age”.

Amir Peleg, Chairman of SWAN, commented: “We are delighted that 1Spatial is adding its voice and deep geospatial data expertise to the SWAN Forum. The real value of SWAN is in our ability to integrate the deep knowledge bases from across the industry to create the dialog and actionable tools to move ahead. Together, we are deepening the understanding of the real, measurable benefits of transitioning to smart water networks around the world.”

SWAN’s mission is to connect a global network of professionals engaged with Smart Water Network approaches, in order to promote the development and adoption of data-driven systems for better water network management and operation. As a member of SWAN, 1Spatial will have the opportunity to partner and share concepts and innovation with its worldwide member network.

1Spatial has developed tools specifically designed for the unique needs of water companies: to map complex networks of linear and point assets, to monitor and maintain those assets and to understand and trust exactly what is happening where, at any point in time.

For more information visit www.1spatial.com/industries/utilities

About 1Spatial

1Spatial provides the software solutions and services that manage the world’s largest spatial big data. We work with users and creators of the largest geospatial databases on earth, helping them collect, manage, plan, maintain, publish and interpret location-specific information.

Our clients include National Mapping Agencies, Land Registries, utility and telecommunications companies, and government departments including emergency services, defence and census bureaus.

A leader in our field, we have over forty five years’ experience and a record of continual innovation and development.  Today, with an ever increasing reliance on spatial and location-critical data, demand for our expertise has never been greater.

About SWAN

SWAN, The Smart Water Networks Forum, is a worldwide industry forum promoting the development and adoption of data technologies in water networks, making them smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. SWAN members are industry pioneers -technology innovators, water utilities, investors, academics, engineering and consulting firms – taking a leadership role in bringing the ‘smart’ into water networks.

The SWAN Forum, a not-for-profit membership organization, leverages the power of collaboration to identify the tremendous opportunities in the smart water space and jointly overcome the challenges. Through the SWAN Workgroups, members are shaping industry language and thinking going forward and creating practical, actionable tools for the industry. To learn more about SWAN: www.swan-forum.com

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