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Silver Bullet Water for Water Purification through an AOP Disinfection Method

Matt Ball on September 3, 2014 - in Corporate, Drinking water, Water

Silver Bullet, an award-winning, cutting-edge water treatment company, announces that its technology has been proven by third party researchers as an Advanced Oxidation Process or AOP. The company’s Water Treatment System is touted for its disruptive technology, innovation in improving water use, supply and treatment in commercial agriculture and cooling tower applications. In addition, Silver Bullet has been recognized for its well commercial viability, customer value proposition, go-to market strategy and financial plan. The Linden Research Group tested Silver Bullet’s technology, proving its capability as an AOP and summarized in their findings that the system is an effective biocide with a high kill rate, capable of producing a high level of hydroxyl radicals.  Additionally, the Silver Bullet differs from other systems because it treats water without water passing through the unit. Instead, a gas is produced and bubbled into the water to complete the non-toxic disinfection process.

According to Dr. Karl Linden, “Using traditional methods to measure the production of hydroxyl radicals, we found the Silver Bullet operates as an advanced oxidation process and was effective at inactivating a wide range of microorganisms over time”.

“We are excited by this independent validation of our technology recognizing Silver Bullet’s Water Treatment System as an Advanced Oxidation Process” said David Sunshine, CEO of Silver Bullet. “Our patented technology harnesses nature’s own process to condition water and improve its performance. Our innovative Water Treatment System is improving livestock drinking water, cooling system water, and aquaculture water without the use of toxic chemicals.”

ABOUT Advanced Oxidation Process or “AOP”

Advanced Oxidation Process water treatment technologies are widely recognized for their powerful oxidizing capacity, including by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Alternative Disinfectants and Oxidants Guidance Manual, 1999)). AOPs are accepted as being very efficient at eliminating many contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, persistent organic compounds (pesticides, herbicides

industrial and synthetic compounds, pharmaceuticals, etc.), and oxidizing organic/inorganic matter. AOPs are defined as technologies that use a combination of ozone (O3), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and/or UV lights to generate highly reactive hydroxyl (OH•) and oxygen free radicals (O•-) to oxidize various contaminants in water. The Silver Bullet Water Treatment System creates hydroxyl and oxygen radicals for disinfection and results in a hydrogen peroxide residual as a lasting non-toxic biocide which remains in the water system, reducing bacteria and scale.

About Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet is a leading, innovative water treatment company that transforms water treatment across North America.

In Industrial and Commercial cooling systems, its cutting-edge patented technology creates a powerful and proven natural non-toxic biocide when injected into water, killing bacteria, removing scale buildup and maintaining standard corrosion rates. Silver Bullet’s water treatment system minimizes water use, reduces maintenance and provides significant energy savings. Installation takes less than a day, requires no upfront capital costs, and rents for a monthly fee that is less expensive than traditional chemicals.

In agriculture, where water is the most important element in raising productive and healthy livestock, Silver Bullet provides a safe and efficient system to ensure clean livestock drinking water and minimizing scale and biofilm buildup.

In 2012, Silver Bullet was recognized with the Best Venture award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) for its cost effective and environmentally responsible water treatment solution. For more information, visit http://www.silverbulletcorp.com/

About Linden Labs

Linden Research Group, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University

of Colorado Boulder is headed by Dr. Karl Linden, Ph.D. The Linden Research Group focuses on research related to advanced treatment technologies for water and wastewater reuse applications. They have a rich history in ultraviolet technology related research and have investigated novel UV systems; the efficacy of UV disinfection for inactivation of pathogens; and the use of UV and advanced oxidation for the degradation of organic and other emerging contaminants in water and wastewater.

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