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Hexagon Geospatial Streamlines Property Appraisals

Matt Ball on August 19, 2014 - in Corporate, Land Development, Products

Hexagon Geospatial announces its new partnership with Apex Software, the leader in Sketching Software development for the government property appraisal market, to help streamline property appraisal workflows with the latest technology and geospatial information.

Hexagon Geospatial offers Geospatial Appraisal, which integrates GeoMedia Smart Client with APEX Sketch, allowing appraisers to update property attributes and create accurate sketches directly from the field.

In addition, Hexagon Geospatial offers a semi-automated Parcel Change Detection workflow using ERDAS IMAGINE software that automates parcel-level change detection. By quantifying the differences between old and new imagery, this tool can identify changes representing additions, swimming pools, parking lots, and even roof changes. Appraisers review parcels from a prioritized list of most likely changes, focusing in on those parcels with the most relevant changes first.

Through the partnership, along with support from Leica Geosystems, property appraisers can more effectively target their attention on only those parcels which have real change, improve the efficiencies of field visits, and enhance property valuation by having CAMA sketches represented in their GIS.

“All too often, it’s the property appraisers versus the changing world,” said Mladen Stojic, President of Hexagon Geospatial. “Appraisers are tasked with keeping up with the changes to each and every property. As such, this new partnership has allowed us to create an offering that streamlines the appraisal workflows in highly accurate and effective ways.”

The new offering also enables property appraisers to maximize their efforts in more cost-effective ways by:

  •     Minimizing the time and maximizing the effectiveness of onsite visits.
  •     Eliminating duplication in their workflows between field redlining and office CAMA updates.
  •     Improving the property valuation through accurate location and orientation of CAMA sketches in their GIS.
  •     Decreasing citizen challenges, phone calls, and appeals.
  •     Managing and delivering large volumes of image data to support appraisal workflows.

Once users are in the field, it is possible to develop a workflow that shortens the time spent at each site capturing property attribute and sketch updates. When updating property sketches using Apex Software, in combination with the Leica DISTO™ laser-measuring tool, users can collect highly accurate sketches in a fraction of the time.

“Apex has been helping property appraisers capture sketch data more efficiently since our inception,” said Jeff Henderson, COO of Apex Software. “In 2004 Apex introduced the integration with the Leica DISTO and we are now excited about the integration of Apex Sketch v6 and the Apex GIS Utilities with GeoMedia Smart Client so customers can easily keep their CAMA sketch data and GIS building layer in sync.”

Hexagon Geospatial also offers a geospatial data management and distribution system implemented by ERDAS APOLLO, which is an enterprise-class, comprehensive data management, analysis, and delivery system. ERDAS APOLLO enables an organization to catalog, search, discover, process, and securely disseminate massive volumes of both file-based and web-enabled data. This solution consistently delivers image data faster and with less hardware than competing server-based products.

About Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Geospatial helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Known globally as a maker of leading-edge technology, we enable our customers to easily transform their data into actionable information, shortening the lifecycle from the moment of change to action. Hexagon Geospatial provides the software products and platforms to a large variety of customers through direct sales, channel partners, and Hexagon businesses, including the underlying geospatial technology to drive Intergraph® Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) industry solutions. Hexagon Geospatial is a division of Intergraph® Corporation. For more information, visit http://www.hexagongeospatial.com.

Intergraph® Corporation is part of Hexagon. Hexagon is a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.

Learn more at http://www.hexagon.com.

About APEX Software

Apex Software began operating in the late 1980’s and is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. The company focuses on developing powerful, yet easy to use sketching and area calculation software and related solutions and services. Throughout its 25 year history, Apex has worked closely with its vast customer base and business partners to design the most intuitive and user friendly sketching solutions for both office and field environments. More recently, the company has revamped its Professional Services department to focus on the ever increasing importance of accurate, timely and reliable data in the mass appraisal industry.

Apex maintains a dominant market share in the North American real estate valuation industry. In conjunction with its many business / integration partners (35+), the company has maintained its focus on developing solutions that increase productivity and accuracy of the valuation, insurance inspection and fire pre-plan processes.

Learn more at http://www.apexwin.com

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