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Engineers Can Look to the Skies

Matt Ball on June 15, 2012 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering

AeroGRID has announced online availability of high accuracy aerial orthophotos for most of Europe and large tracts of North America. Aimed directly at the civil engineering sector, immediate availability starts with 15 European countries and the USA with more following in quick succession over the next few months. The data can be accessed on a transactional, per view basis or through an unlimited annual license. All data is delivered via a fast WMS feed.

The first 15 European countries available now are:
Ireland, Gt. Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. These will be joined soon by Hungary and Slovenia and Canada will follow in the next few months

All imagery can be ordered with full metadata support including accuracy, resolution, date and the equipment deployed in data capture. This provides surety and confidence that the data is fit for proposed mapping projects. The AeroGRID service has a tight SLA (99.9%) meaning that its servers enjoy highly competitive uptime.

Additionally users can have WMS access to worldwide imagery to complement AeroGRID cover at very reasonable rates.

“AeroGRID is providing high accuracy data that is simple to purchase and access and saves customers time and money,” said Miles Taylor, General Manager. “Our online efforts seek to deliver exactly what the engineering sector needs providing the best coverage, accuracy and convenience,” continued Taylor.

About AeroGRID
AeroGRID is a one-stop-shop for international archived aerial imagery providing speedy access to aerial photography from over 60 countries with off-the-shelf high resolution satellite orthophotos for many others. By marshalling an impressive network of partner’s survey aircraft and high resolution digital cameras AeroGRID is able to extend coverage around the world. Much of this extensive image library is now available via WMS with WFS metadata, the standard protocols for streaming georeferenced data over the Internet to web based applications, GIS and CAD software.

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