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Roadside Sensors Detect Conditions through Infrared

Matt Ball on August 12, 2014 - in Maintenance, Roads, Sensors, Transportation

The Scottish engineering firm Findlay Irvine is hoping for sales growth at home and abroad as it embarks on field tests of a novel sensor product that monitors the conditions of roads and runways. Findlay Irvine has been developing a prototype with backing from Censis, the Scottish Innovation Centre for Sensors and Imaging Systems. The device uses infrared to determine conditions including whether snow and ice are covering a road.

That can then be used to provide information such as the optimum time to put grit down on roads and also make sure the right amount of salt is added in order to avoid damaging the surface. At the moment sensors typically have to be embedded into a road or runway, meaning closures and groundworks. However, the new product can be placed alongside a carriageway, giving greater flexibility of deployment and also reducing the need for any infrastructure work.

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